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Recycling News

A Green and Clean Cayman Future!

The start of a single persons local clean-up effort that became a business!

Free collection of electronic waste began in late 2018 and continued throughout 2019.

E-waste Cayman Islands began charging for collections as the cost of petrol and the upfront cost of shipping and handling the waste overseas to our down-streaming partners became a reality of our first waste shipment of over 45K lbs.

Partnering with local businesses E-Waste Cayman Islands Ltd is proud note that we have collected and safely disposed of over 45,254lb of electronic waste. The first shipment of waste left our shore bound for our down-streaming partner in the US.

The electronic waste was collected for free from private homes, commercial properties and the local government trash facility.

Future plans includes offering upcycled electronics locally through our website at an affordable cost. Partnering with other local recycling companies such as Cay-Shred Ltd we are able to ensure a continued and effective extension to our recycling services.

With more and more businesses and schools seeking greener options, we've received calls from private and public schools, law firms, accounting firms and the likes.

Together we are moving towards a cleaner and more sustainable future in the Cayman Islands and electronics while it's the wave of the future also accounts for the largest wasted product on the planet and E-Waste Cayman Islands Ltd aims to be at the forefront of keeping that waste under control in the Cayman Islands.

We continue to offer FREE collection and disposal of electronics to churches and schools such as Triple C school, Prep school and Saint Ignatius school.

Together we can create a cleaner, safer Island for our children.

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